Tuesday, March 11, 2014


[How Far Along]
Currently 4 weeks pregnant. We found out the day before St. Patrick's Day! Baby's Due Date is November 19, 2014 - my dad's Birthday!
[Baby is the size of]
A poppy seed, or a sprinkle - if you're a junk foodie like me.
[Weight Gain]
None so far. Hoping for less than 20.
No baby movements yet.
I feel extra tired, semi-queasy and achy. Tossing and turning at night - probably because I'm so EXCITED!
[Maternity Clothing]
Pulled out my favorite maternity jeans that had just last week gone into hybernation, not because I need them yet, but because all my other pants were in the wash and I figured hey, at this point -  why not?
One so far: broccoli with cheese
gelatinous food (grits, jello, goopy sides of eggs) but that's nothing new
[Best Moment this week]
Finding out we're going to get to be parents, again!
[Looking forward to]
Staying on top of pregancy weight-gain/health, meeting with a potential midwife next week and telling ev-er-y-one!


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