Wednesday, April 9, 2014


You probably recognize the logo on Ayara's out of this world (get it?) bibdana from my amazing Sponsor/Partner banner over on the ole Blog sidebar. We fell in love with L.O.E. (originally Little One's Etsy, now Love Over Everything) back at the beginning of the year, just as they were revamping their Spring line. RaRa's smooth galaxy pants and bibdana are just a taste of what they have available right now that is literally unlike any other toddler style I've seen. We're talking Unisex Faux Red Leather Sweatpants for Kids, soft as butter Denim Harem Pants for Kids, and a gorgeous array of other leg, arm and neck clothing options. Stay tuned for much more from them on the Blog (betcha can't wait to see twin boys in faux leather!) and scope their Etsy shop, like, NOW.
Ayara went ahead and rearranged her hair, added some Birthday butterfly wings + sassy shades (thank you best friend Niamh + "Bef" and Matty!) to bring you this version of her sweet and silly toddler style. She's two now, she do what she want. sas

Linking up with my girl Holly and her super cute Evelyn (wearing Beethoven today), how sweet!
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    1. Yes! I am new to the term, too but think they're adorable AND I'm pretty sure littlest will be rockin' them next year when he/she starts to eat :) So cute! Thanks, Chelsea!

  2. Love this galaxy print! Adorable!


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