Thursday, April 10, 2014


I don't know if life with two three-year-olds (and a two-year-old) is similar to life with just one. I am a fortunate mommy in that my first pregnancy was twins. I know that not every singleton baby is a "cake walk" but I don't have any single child experiences to compare my crazy to. In fact a trip to the grocery store alone is surely a vacation for me, but a trip to the grocery store with just one child is almost as good in my book. The undivided attention, slower pace, softer noise. It's just good. I can't imagine mothers of one child would agree, it's special for parents of twins like that.
Life with our twins has been chaos lately, but it's chaos in a good way. The boys are best friends mostly, which is and has been fantastic, but add sister to the mix and the phrase "three's a crowd" becomes a quick reality. Luckily for them she is a fan of doing things on her own: coloring, watching mommy bake, and taking care of her baby. If we watch a racing show the boys are quick to speed down the runway-esque hallway, and sluggish sister (she gets that from me, poor soul) isn't far behind.
Potty-training has been in full-swing since they turned two and I'd say they're masters, with the exception of nap time and night time, but occasionally each of those, too. Those longer periods just take - well, longer... right? Anyway, I don't care what any handbook or chart says, really. We do our best and understand (most days) that every child learns when he/she is ready and able, and that applies to all areas of life, not just the potty biz.
Naps are a usual, but not a definite anymore. Where they used to be rather forced in bedrooms now they're suggestions that heed quick responses from the boys. When the clock hits about 2:00 pm our boys can be seen toting their blankies to the living room, snuggling in a favorite chair or on mom, and rolling their eyes into the backs of their heads. Pandora plays instrumental music, it's precious for me to witness and typically results in about 2 hours of peace in our home. Last week Taylen fell asleep in our recliner, Bob was in a chair with Ayara, I laid on the couch with Dayr strewn across my lap in the opposite direction, nearly kissing my feet, and we all took a rest. The sun was spilling through the deck slider onto the floor, wordless music drifting around. It was undoubtedly a slice of pure heaven on Earth. A moment I need to freeze in time for those other, less awesome moments, to help bring me back.
Back to the twinkies - all-in-all they're awesome. I don't remember to have them brush their teeth every night, even though they love it. They get themselves out of the bathtub without letting me know, and last week I caught them eating the hand-decorated cookie favors I made for a friend's baby shower under the kitchen counter. They drive me nuts, and I love them so. I can't wait to see what some outdoor time this Spring and Summer will bring. Learning to swim? Weeding a garden? Feeding and/or chasing the new chickens? Whatever it is I will hold it dear in my heart, just like my fast-growing tots I love so.

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