Monday, April 14, 2014


As I'm sitting in the yard, laptop on my... lap and conversing with my husband about the possibility of parachuting off a building into a waiting convertible lambroghini filled with jello (um - what?!) I can't help but think of how very fortunate I am to have the life I do.
For one thing Bob works enough outside the home that I don't have to, and haven't, since 2011. Part of that is due to our aligned desires to A) raise our kids without the need for daycare, and B) similarly, need less and make do with what we already have. A favorite quote of both ours lately has been this:
Use it Up
Wear it Out
Make it Do
or Do Without
Why not wear your jeans until they're rags, and then recycle them to the rag pile, or donate them to the bird-nesting materials bag, or use them to repair other jeans (in Bob's case). There are innumerable opportunities all around to reuse and recycle or upcycle what we already have, and cut down on our need for more money, ultimately requiring less time away from home.
Another aspect of life I'm smitten with is the ability to work from home like I do. Yes, tecnically I have two "from home" jobs: first and most importantly as a mother, and secondly as a blogger. The reviews, giveaways and sponsored content I bring to this site are A) the beginning of amazing partnerships with companies I can stand behind (think self-made, small business, good for your soul, life-enhancing, etc.) and B) in exchange for goods - which we typically wear, consume or use up - or money which can be used in the same way.
When I started this Blog it was a way to stay in communication with family and friends far away, to share how our lives were being rocked by the addition of our twins. Since it's beginning in 2011 Hands and Hearts More Than Full has grown tremendously and through this venture I've met all sorts of amazing people along the way. Yet another reason I am so blessed in this life - the amount of love and support surrounding me, my Blog, my family is mind-blowing. If it weren't for the loyal readership, willing companies and help and hints along the way I never would be where I am today.

I love supporting my fellow bloggers, which is why you often see me "linking up" to their features and posts. Blogging may seem easy but it's really a lot of work. If nothing else I could look back over life during this Blog and see a very comprehensive "baby book" of sorts, documeting how our family grew and evolved over time. But for me this is so much more. Thank you for being my amazing audience, and growing with me through this life!

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  1. I love this post! Recently I've been seeing a lot of "bashing" when it comes to mommy bloggers doing sponsored posts and it makes me really frustrated and sad. I am starting to do some partnerships on my blog, and like you it means SO much to my family and myself! I do not take the blessing lightly.


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