Wednesday, April 16, 2014


You know I'm always on the lookout for accessories to tame and make even more beautiful Ayara's wacky mane, right? I cannot not mention the amazing Julia and her ability to craft a thing of dreams. She makes butterflies and blooms for hair and beyond with the richest most delicious leather color combos. She's truly an artist, and her work proves my point. So much beauty in such a small treasure. Every little girl (of every age!) deserves these in her collection.
Ayara has in her Leather Blossoms collection a brown-on-orange clip, as well as a light-on dark green clip. I don't know where Julia gets them but the butterflies are anchored on the most sturdy, hardcore bobby pins in. the. world. So intense are they, in fact, that I had a hard time getting them to stay put in baby girl's thin hair. In my thicker-than-life locks they stayed like a rock, however.
If I had my way I'd be rockin' the gold-on-brown clip this Spring for all things metallic and sparkly, and a black + white number because... duh.
Julia also makes dreamy leather-wrapped headbands, gorgeous leather jewelry, and - if you're not a fan of cutting live flowers, like me - leather roses for special occasions!

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  1. These are so awesome. I want now!

    1. Holly, it's one of those "we're sisters, right? we can share!" moments for me, too! :) haha


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