Thursday, April 17, 2014


clearing, digging, mixing, reading, watching
I am clearing (constantly, but especially now that Spring has officially sprung) clutter from every corner of our home. If you've been reading for any length of time you know I'm ALWAYS doing this, but it feels so. good. As Drea mentioned a few weeks back "purge, purge, purge!" and that is what I've done. I filed through my clothes and tossed everything I would not buy again today. Does that make sense? Then I repeated the same thing a week later, and again a week after that. The idea was that if I wasn't getting rid of SO much at once I might be more apt to let go of something that was otherwise sentimental. or whatever. Anyway, six bags later it worked! And I can see the back of my closet again.
Bob is digging through projects on his "to do" list. Last week he started the kids' Christmas-present-swing-set from Grandpa and Grandma see the beginning phases here. This week he's tackled fixing the triple stroller for me - I can't wait to have the ability to walk outside with all three tots while he's gone at work again! - and is getting stuff together to build a chicken coop from pallets + scraps we scounged on the side of the road. Pretty rad + handy if you ask me. It's time for the chickens to move on to fresher, bigger air. Currently they're stinkin' up our not-so-well-ventilated mudroom and this preggo gets queasy every trip in to, or out of, the home.
All three tots are mixing their own version of Toddler Style. Ayara has been the epitome of cute in some hand-me-downs (right now she's the youngest of 16 grandkids on Bob's mom's side... I think? and we receive all hmd's) mixed with new and fabulous pieces. You can read about it here every Wednesday when we link up with Our Holly Days for style posts. Oh, and I'm sharing some cute maternity wears, too!
I've been reading everything empowering + maternal I can get my hands on. No, this is not my first preg-rodeo, but I just can't seem to read enough. The things I'm into this time center around midwifery and natural, unassisted birth. The kind that gives a woman her due praises for recognizing and using the God-given bodily powers she posesses. I found a memoir by Patricia Harman The Blue Cotton Gown and could not (literally) put it down. Then I went back to the library, afer I'd finished that, and found the prequel, too. Now I'm reading that, Ina May's Guide to ChildBirth, Born in the USA, Labor of Love, a new book for bible study at church called Restless, and a hilarious pregnancy pocket book called Pregnancy Countdown. I almost took it back to the library but it's so hilariously blunt about "what's up down there" that I had to keep it for the laughs. So, yeah - I read those in my "spare time." Ha.
Bob and I have been watching a magical new nap routine unfold for our boys. I thought naps might be a thing of the past since they turned three in February, but we found a way to milk it, and beautifully. Around 2:00 I put on relaxation radio on Pandora, ask them to get in "their spot" which is: for Taylen the grey recliner, and Dayr the orange chair with the patterned poof footrest. They fall gracefully asleep, no fighting, and stay there for a few HOURS. It's a beautiful thing in all regards.
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