Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sono Vaso Maternity + What Mama Wore

I love everything about Spring + Summer combined, especially this specific set because it's my first time coming into it as a second-trimester-er. My past two pregnancies have resulted in the second trimester being some of the best prenatal memories of my life. I have a feeling this isn't going to be any different. Sleep is still manageable, the "bump" is finally to a baby-looking stage instead of just extra pudge, and the weather? Couldn't be better. Some days are perfect for shorts and a tank (if my fence were higher it might be a bikini - I think preggos in bikinis are just the best!) and some days are great for anklet pants and a casual tee. Or, if you outfit yourself with he super-versatile pieces from Sono Vaso, a casual tee can double as a statement piece.

I gladly accepted an opportunity to try my first white pants since having kids. If you have kids you know why I don't typically wear them, but these are a bit different. The Vara Skimmers are cotton + spandex sheen and completely machine washable. I can literally feel potential stains running off them when they hit. It's life-changing for a mom of three tots. I paired them in a classic way with the Jana top, not because I only wear clothing with four-letter-names, but because who doesn't love a classy black + white combo? Plus the lace sleeves make this just warm enough  for a Spring breezy kinda day, and just cool enough for a warm summer night. Not to mention the cut of the top is very flattering for someone with a larger chest who doesn't want to show "the girls".

I typically wear a size XL or XXL in women's clothing and this outfit is no exception. I feel relieved to have such staple wardrobe pieces in my collection.

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