Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Preggo Update Week 15

[How Far Along]
I started this post at 12 weeks pregnant, then a few weeks went by, I entered the SECOND TRIMESTER and here I am, three weeks after I started: currently 15 weeks preggo, 25 to go!

[Baby is the size of]
Somewhere between a corn dog and a soda pop.

[Weight Gain]
Still holding tight at my pre-pregnancy weight. For now. My experience with 2nd trimester in the past has meant a few (okay, many!) extra pounds. New doctor's goal is <35 - I think I can do that.

Felt the baby move for the FIRST time while celebrating Memorial Day weekend! Sunday, May 25th to be exact. Flutters in my lower abdomen. An impromptu ultrasound yesterday confirmed that baby was right where I expected he/she is.

Nausea has lessened its blow, but last week a binge snack fest on some of Bob's delicious breakfast potatoes left me emptying said potatoes back into the sink drain. I puked so hard all the blood vessels around my eyes popped. Bob said it was "cute", sort of like freckles. I guess it wasn't so bad. Nausea this time around is far from anything I've ever experienced before, making it extra hard to make boy/girl predictions.

Also, seems like every few days I wake up with a kink in my neck that makes me hold my head funny. Due to a bit more tossing + turning, maybe? I don't know. So far no real cause for concern.

[Maternity Clothing]
I was able to snag a great pair of maternity crops from Goodwill for under $2.00, score! And have been loving my PinkBlush tank, NOM preggo tops, and some new (soon-to-be-shared) pieces from Sono Vaso maternity, too. Dressing up a pregnant belly is much more fun than just getting dressed when you have an unpregnant-but-it-looks-pregnant belly. In my opinion.

Fresh and crunchy: carrots, cucumber, apples, a berry pecan salad with feta to be a bit more specific.

[Best Moment this week]
Feeling the baby move for the first time + seeing he/she on the ultrasound. Oh, also meeting the new OB :)

[Looking forward to]
Staying active and wearing myself out at the end of every day!
hiking near the Boardman river ^^
Mother's Day, three generations of estrogen :)

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