Thursday, May 22, 2014

Toddler Update

Taylen is really into his sandals, but he calls them slippers. He prefers shorts and short sleeve shirts above everything else. He loves when his clothes match. He's still very particular about his "possessions" and when he claims something consider it wiped out from other uses for a while. His trusty bear - given to him with the name Boris and then later renamed Boregoo - is now known in our home as Teddy. I feel this must be the start of a new life stage for him. Still loves building "tents" (giant piles of everything soft) and recently took to handing out Lego "cell phones" for the whole family, I can't figure out why. He begs for extra veggies and could not care less about meat or dairy. He's always the last out of the tub and his favorite colors are red + blue.
Dayr is the biggest stinker of all. He loves to get me going with his tongue spitting/fart noise. Do you know the one? He learned it from naughty minions via Despicable Me2 and therefore we don't watch that in our home anymore. Bummer 'cause I really kinda liked it. Sort of. His favorite clothing items are black faux leather pants, and undies with Buzz Lightyear on them, and his Superman shirt with cape. As soon as he's wearing that he vrooms around the house with renewed vim and vigor. He's the ring leader of all things sneaky and recently got his bro and sis in on an ice cream stealing brigade. I found them huddled under the counter with a nearly-full carton, sticky fingers and all. He's attached at the hip to mommy lately, and if he's particularly tired or emotional he won't let anyone else help or comfort him. His favorite colors are green + orange and he loves his new movie Rio from Grandma.

Ayara is a follower like I've never seen before. I don't know if it's her close-in-age-ness to her brothers but whatever they do she wants to do, too. It doesn't matter if they get in trouble, earn a time out, or make us proud she is united with them on it all. That being said my heart gets broken daily as she is surely the odd toddler out and gets picked on non-stop! I can't turn my back for a second before tears are rolling down her cheeks and that big "siren mouth" (as Bob calls it) is open and sounding off for the world to hear. The other day we were hiking one of our favorite spots, trying to find morel mushrooms, and we decided to run as a family across a big open field. Sissy didn't get the memo; however, because when we got to the other side she was standing in the center and just started to wail an awful tune. Luckily Bob has the endurance of... something with a lot of endurance, and ran back to get her. She is lucky to have such a sweet daddy wrapped around her chubby little fingers. She is a great helper and loves to do errands, chores, or anything she can assist with. She helps me make dinner with pleasure, happily washes dishes, and loves to carry the basket at the store, even as it repeatedly slams into the back of her stocky little legs. Oh, and her favorite color is pink. Just ask her anything - the answer is always pink.

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Twins: three years + three months // 39 months
Ayara: two years + one month // 25 months
I wonder if I'll ever stop counting in months(?!) ... probably not. It'll just get rediculous

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  1. cute, cuter, and cutest! that 2nd photo -- dayr in the bow tie -- looks just. like. YOU!


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