Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Scalloped Window + L.O.E Apparel via Etsy

Ayara: bibdana // gold scalloped tee // faux leather leggings
Dayr: LEGEN"DAYR"Y tee // infinity scarf // denim harems
Taylen: houndstooth bibdana // City King tee // red faux leather sweats
I mentioned LOE Apparel before, they've got cutting edge style paired with toddler-friendly handmade goods. It doesn't get much better than that.

This week I found another perfect pairing for the unisex faux leather leggings Ayara's been sporting: her gold-dipped tee compliments of The Scalloped Window on Etsy. I mean, you see how perfectly this tee will pair with almost anything, right? It's made of 100% organic butter soft cotton, and dipped in the most delicate of ways. The design is on the front only, and of course has to be carefully ironed, if at all, but that wow factor when my tot turns around is all BAM! up in your FACE with cuteness. Personally I wear a size XL, but I see for any of you lady readers sporting a XS-L size tee there is also a dipped shirt / dress available for you!

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