Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring Bucket List Update!

It's officially mid May, and the first day of Summer is officially June 21st soooo that means there are only seven-ish weeks left to do all the rest of the things on my Spring bucket list. Since Spring's start we've been able to do a few (see above) but there is so much more for the taking! Let's recap + plan, shall we?
  • Easter brought the Easter egg hunt, as well as dying Easter eggs, even though the two natural dyes I tried (turmeric + blueberry) didn't work very well.
  • Make Bird Feeders - That was fun!
  • Go for a Hike - Did a short version of this with Taylen while the other two tots were snoozing + Bob was chicken coop building - whataguy! Also got all three tots to do an evening walk around the neighboring college campus, and one out looking for wild foods, too.
  • Jump in a Puddle - Unfortunately had the opportunity to do this in our own front yard/driveway due to an unseasonably cold Spring + a stormy downpour, whatever... one more bucket list item done-zo!
  • Send someone Snail Mail - I'm marking this as done because I wrote + addressed the letter, my GF just happened to stop by before I got it in the box, but I do plan to send more. It's so satisfying to send mail the old-fashioned way, not to mention to open the box and see it in there! Anyone need my address? ;)
  • I "painted" rocks with sharpie in henna patterns, one of my favorite personal time/create something/relaxation activities.
  • We were lucky enough to be invited to our friend's for an early Easter grill out/picnic in delicious 50-degree weather. So sweet.
And that's it, for now! I am nixing c25k (couch to 5k) training from the list since I am newly pregnant, amazingly tired, and so very uninterested in running, but my hope is to get out and do some walking in its place. We shall see. Now we just need to: try out my new Birthday kite, get to a local farm for some critter feeding, visit + host a garage sale, ride a bike, find tadpoles (while feeding ducks?)This is do-able! Hows your list coming? Also, ideas for a summer bucket list? I need some! Thanks :)


  1. a spring list, how great! i very much need to make a list of things to do that are actually FUN! I mean, I've got plenty of lists around the house of chores i need to do, bills i need to send and stuff i just hate. ugh. this was inspiring, thanks! and good luck completing them! -Misty

    1. Misty! Ahh! I could use some summer suggestions. Think outside the chores - what makes the cut? :) Let's get fun together, shall we?


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