Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Frozen Birthday Party

We looked forward to our friend Niamh's 3rd Birthday party all month long and finally, on the first day of summer, it arrived. The day would have only been made better if daddy could have gone, too, but he was home "painting" - masking off walls and then wrestling with a sprayer - while we were away. Bob of all trades we call him :) Many people celebrated with Niamh, but these pictures are from the lovely Jamma (the host (Beth's) amazing mama) specifically for our family so they're, um, mostly just us. Just trust me that the place was packed. Also, I had the best key lime cupcake of my life, adorned with the most adorable Frozen-themed edible snowflake decor. mmm. Not sure exactly what was in the punch - pineapple sherbet and raspberry lemonade?? - but all three kids were angels the whole time, regardless of the fact that we left the house when nap is usually starting. Tonight they're "sleeping" on the couch-bed while daddy paints both rooms (twins + Ayara /Soleil's room while he visits /new baby room /maybe shared nursery??). Of course by sleeping I mean so far not at all (even though they really chose very little sugar at the fiesta - #momwin!) We shall see...


Almost 19-weeks-pregnant here!
Any tips on growing out short hair at an awkward length?
Don't our friends have amazing yard space?!
Taylen: blue shirt, Dayr: green cap, Ayara: pink dress + blue tights
I wore Bob's shirt this day. :)

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  1. I love those ice "gloves"! You are looking great, Mama. I've never done a theme birthday but I'm considering a Winnie the Pooh theme for when the girls turn 2 in September... Better start planning!


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