Monday, June 9, 2014

recent adventures + a whole lotta photos

This man. This amazing man. What a dedicated hard-worker I've married. Bob has had some unscheduled time off from work recently, by no fault of is own, and instead of lazying about (which isn't really in his nature but would probably be my first choice in that situation) he's been working day and night for our family, to build us a more simple and sustainable life. Seriously? What a guy.

The list of projects that have been done in and around this home in his shortly-over-a-week-off include: putting the finishing touches on rabbit hutches (now we just need some rabbits!), building the chicken's a nesting box from scraps, cleaning and organizing the shed (as well as both of our favorite activity - purging! - said shed), cleaning out the car (a big, dirty job) and turning around Ayara's car seat for the first time, starting and distributing compost tea over the entire garden, fishing for - and preparing for dinner - fresh Bass from the Great Lakes (thanks Dad for taking Bobby with!), and much much more. 

Along with ALL THAT there has even been some time for fun! We took an evening stroll in and around Elk Rapids recently, stopping for pizza and a great park date. Then we took the scenic route (as if anything else exists in beautiful Leelanau County) to Leland and saw Maple City, Cedar + Good Harbor along the way. Stopping in Suttons Bay, my old stompin' grounds and High School city, for pizza + another park night. This time off has been renewing for all of our souls. Yesterday afternoon while all three tots napped we were even able to sneak in a midday movie, doze on-and-off, and wake in time to hear the film's banter before Ayara woke up for the night. Another park date + a family movie night ensued. I mean, seriously? I feel like I'm living a dream. (See photo above for appropriate dream-like image). 

As for personal time, I've even had a bit of that! Today Bob's big heart took him to his mom's to do work, and my heart took me to the beach with a girlfriend and five kids between us, the youngest of whom just turned one-month-old! Be still my heart. Much, much more of this, please! Like the picture above gestures, it's just another day in paradise. God is good.
 bump at the beach^^

 Elk Rapids, MI ^^
 photo by Bobby ^^ 

 squirrel... nuts. yeah. ^^

 family portrait? ^^

 loverssss ^^

 superhero twinkies ^^

 photo by Dayr ^^ 

 preggo crack ^^
swinging the bump, below 

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  1. what a gorgeous set of photographs and such beautiful, happy words to go with it. <3 yay for you, mama.


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