Thursday, October 18, 2012


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I am...

Feeling anxious. I go through phases in life where I feel content with what I'm doing, and then the tides change and I feel the need to complete a task, add a bullet to the resume, you get what I mean. I've thought seriously about taking a cake decorating class (and then we stopped eating refined sugar + oil), cutting off all my hair and donating it to Children With Hair Loss (and then I get a scalp infection that makes me want to hide under a rock), buying a new article of clothing (and then I get sad because I don't know what size I wear in ANYthing and the whole task seems daunting). So yeah... anxious.

My awesome reminder that life is... AWESOME! She brightens even my darkest, most anxiety-riddled days.
Drinking wine again. Again, I go through phases with the vino. Sometimes I really enjoy it, want to have it all the time (I mean that in the most un-alcoholic way possible) and then other times it repulses me and I go so far as to say "I don't drink wine." I think there is an issue in our society with binging on wine being acceptable, and binging on any other alcohol being taboo. It's odd. I don't like to be a part of it... or get caught up. Just let me do what I feel!

Looking For a house! Our lease in our dungeon-like hell hole of an apartment is finally nearing the end and with much excitement and joy we are searching for a new place. I can see it now: kids playing in the yard (which we currently don't have), Bob and I cooking in the kitchen (or Bob cooking and me crafting somewhere because there's room for that now). Beautiful.

discovery on a recent house-hunting stroll

Dreaming Of a honeymoon. We weren't able to take a honeymoon when we got married and so now we're taking steps to make it real. We started a special area to save and it's not much now, but give it some time and we just might be on our way to Fiji! Or Tahiti! Or another tropical island. We can't decide.

Wedding Day 2009

Making lots and lots of memories. We're doing our best to take our lives by the reigns and experience as much as we can with our family. We had a heartbreaking reminder of the uncertainties that life holds and don't want to waste a minute of it. Hug the ones you love and cherish your days, too.




  1. Good luck house hunting! I'm tired or being in an apartment as well.

  2. you can never go wrong with a tropical island!

    new follower here!

    cute blog :]

  3. We all live in seasons for sure! Your in the anxious time of life, but soon it will change. Just when we think it is all smooth, it changes! Take heart and enjoy that bundle of sunshine!

  4. So much going on at this time in your life compounded with BIG Life Changes - of course you are anxious!! Enjoy the roller coaster ride with a smile and the wind in your hair because a lot of great things are going to happen so quickly in your life. (hugs)


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