Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Time To Grieve

No matter what I type, it doesn't seem good enough. I've hit backspace more times than I can count, simply trying to put words to my thoughts.
I am trying to use my "powers" {if you will} for good, and thinking of a friend while doing so.
On Monday night my high school classmate, Jeremy Jelinek, was killed suddenly in a car accident involving his semi-truck and another vehicle that crossed the center line. He leaves behind his best friend, Robert, who was a passenger in the crash, and his wife and three children (ages five, three, and six weeks old). He was 27 years young and as you can imagine such a sudden and tragic event has a small community up in arms over what to do.
There are no words that help with the pain and no amount of money will stop tears from falling.
Like I stated earlier, I want to do as much good as is possible, so I'm sharing this with my Blogging world, not in hopes of gaining ANYTHING from doing so, but in hopes that someone might open their heart to this family that can use every bit of support and kindness available.
Please use the following information with discretion, good intentions, and for kindness, caring and love.
If you're in Northern Michigan: Take Them a Meal
If you're not local, but still want to send a meal: Use Sympathy Food
If you'd like to make a donation to the Jeremy Jelinek Memorial Fund via 5/3 Bank click here.
If you'd like to make an online donation, with the option of remaining anonymous, click here.


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