Saturday, October 6, 2012

You Might be a "Crunchy" Parent if...

Have you heard this term? "Crunchy" parent?
I hadn't either, until recently.
When I realized I am one!
I was so excited I started
looking into all the fun "crunch" details.
I borrowed and tweaked a list of
"You Might be "crunchy" if's
So tell me... are YOU Crunchy?
You Might be "Crunchy" if...
You know what an amber teething necklace is, and you own one.
You have a load of laundry in the washer that consists of cloth diaper supplies.
You know that Hypnobabies is not hypnosis for babies.
You know more then 5 herbs that help increase milk production.
You have a butt-sprayin'-wand attached to your toilet.

You visited a chiropractor more often during pregnancy then a doctor’s office. 
You make your own dough… for pizza night.
You make "french toast" with nondairy milk and bananas... not eggs.
You hold in your "gasp" when your child falls down, and encourage them to wipe their scuffed hands on their clothes.

You don’t drink cows milk.
 You know that the Diva Cup is not a fancy woman chalice.
You have considered going the day without antiperspirant because of what you’ve learn about aluminum the day before.
You participate in baby-led weaning.
Your weekend family outings consist of trips to the Farmer's Market.
You dread Christmas because some family members don't get why kids shouldn't play with plastic battery operated toys.
You own more then 3 baby carriers, and use them constantly.
You’re baby was born in your home, intentionally.
You'll do anything to send your kids to a crunchy-friendly school.
You refuse to use birth control.
You edcided not to circumcise your son.
You know what Elimination Communication is.
You co-sleep, willingly.
You know where to buy flaxseed, texturized vegetable protein, and tempeh.
You are members of the local co-op.
You’ve breastfed exclusively for the first six months of life and cringe when someone mentions rice cereal. 
You make your own baby food, laundry detergent, and multi-purpose cleaners.

Disclaimer: we do NOT participate in all of these crunchy bits... yet.
So.. are you crunchy?

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