Sunday, February 17, 2013


 photo e0f21b84-e700-4937-b35c-51e64b78c0b0_zpsc3e23613.jpg  photo SANY8063-001_zps9e6d4b0b.jpg

Sundays are for:

1. Snuggles. She's already ten-months-old! In two months she'll be ONE and in a few years she'll start kindergarden and then middle school, she'll grow boobs, get a boyfriend, graduate, graduate again (I hope), experience the world, start her own family. Oh my. I'm savoring every hug and every smile and every thing as long as I can.

2. Eating Shit. Okay not literally, but that's all I feel like shoveling in my face hole lately. Sickness + PMS + a once-upon-a-time-desire to try a recipe that now looks labor-intensive and boring = mama not wanty cook cook.
Maybe I'll resort to my ever-faithful broiled tofu. That's easy!

3. Living the Dream. My husband gets to try something new and exciting and super-secret today! Fingers crossed for him, okay? "Id' rather be lucky than good" he always says. I don't fully understand but I hope you're lucky today!

What are you doing this Sunday?


  1. That picture is precious! I love the effect of flipping it! Really cool idea! I'm going to have to try that with one of my kids!

  2. Love the pic, cold Sunday's in the North East are for staying in, cooking a hearty meal and staying warm! That was today :)


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