Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Twin Tuesday / Kleen Slate

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Happy Twin Tuesday, friends! We've not been on the TT bandwagon in quite some time BUT we're climbing back up today! Here's a look at what our twinkies have been doing, and some insight into our world.

Speaking of the world, it's easy for me to forget that tour kids haven't yet experienced it. I love the magic in their eyes when they do something new. I love the light in their eyes and the feeling of accomplishment and wonder I can see emanating in them.

That is why I loved introducing them to the Kleen Slate paddles.

 photo SANY8596_zps59dc017d.jpg  photo SANY8598_zpsc08571e0.jpg They took to them like ducks to water, writing and drawing to their heart's content.

I have a similar board that I drew simple shapes and numbers on for practice + fun combined. My little tots didn't even know they were learning. Sneaky mommy points!

I remember as a young girl playing for hours with my friends and my marker board. We drew people, made lists, played school. You name it, we created it.

Kleen Slate differs from other marker boards because it comes in a neat little everything-you-need package including: a handle, a marker with storage space and a hanging eraser cloth.

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  1. Looks like they're having a blast and learning too! They are super cute!

  2. I love the marker all over his legs!! Adorable. My sons are 10 and 18 and they LOVE whiteboards in their rooms for notes and things but mostly for doodling. I should get these for the car!!

  3. Love watching kids have so much fun and they don't even realize they're learning! These are adorable pics!!!

  4. Its so fun watching them learn and discover. My girl just realized that she's tall enough to doodle on Momma's write {menu/task} board now. Apparently it was a hearts and love kind of day she was planning. LOL

  5. So fun, I think my kids would really like these as well.


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