Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Go! Vol. 2

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Mc'Nash'ty is approaching FAST!
I don't technically know what day it is, but I think it's less than a week away!
I'm most terrified to travel with twin toddlers and a nearly-one-year-old baby girl because:
  • anything can happen with kids
  • they no longer nap at consistant times
  • weather is still sketchy + roads might be shitty
  • we just discovered a crack in the windshield
BUT in our defense we're feeling pretty ready because we've:
  • prepared Easter baskets - thank you Dollar Tree
    with homemade Easter grass none-the-less!
  • ordered Ayara's first Birthday invites - thank you Zazzle!
  • Finished fixing the car
  • Started making + stocking up on roadtrip snacks - thanks Yummi Pouch!
  • Made a "bag of tricks" from old toys + trinkets from Boppa's shop
  • Planned some possible pit stops at my Alma Matter + with a preggo friend in Kentucky
  • Shopped for comfortable clothing
I'm most looking forward to:
  • Seeing Uncle Brad and nephew Spencer
  • Not being in Michigan
  • Warm weather - fingers crossed!
  • A roadtrip with my hubs!
A couple roadtrips last year for proof:
I can't think of anything we might be foregetting, but experience tells me there's definitely something! Any suggestions?


  1. The one thing we did on our road trip last summer was bought a dual screen dvd player on ebay for 50$ and some kids dvds for 5$ at the store and so they had them in the car, or hotel or wherever we needed them. Also we brought a cooler in the car and filled it with juice boxes (I would empty them into our own sippy cups and just washed them when we stopped at hotels/ relatives, juice boxes in the car can be messy) Go Gurt, string cheese, apple slices ect and drinks for the adults and that was handy to not have to stop and worry about stopping for snacks every hour, just had to worry about emptying and refilling with ice. My mom also had a couple tricks she brought with us from her road tripping days and they were wrapping a few presents from the dollar store in tissue paper so when the kids got super fussy we could pull out a special present, and ALSO we were queasy kids in the car so she always remembered to bring a sand pail with some plastic bags as liners in case we were feeling sick, it has served more of good luck thing now in our family, if we have a bucket, bags and towels no one will get sick but if we come unprepared you better watch out. Good luck on your trip it will be such fun family memories :-) Can't wait to see the pictures after!

    1. Wow, Maggie! You have a lot of really valuable ideas (albeit some frome experiences good & bad). We decided not to do a DVD player for multiple reasons but that thought has crossed my mind. I like the small gifts idea. We bought some dollar store trinkets but I never thought to wrap them! I also like your sippy cup/juice box idea. Oh and the pail- priceless. I never thought about car sickness for my kids but I suffer from it myself! Thank you for your valuable input!

    2. Oh you are very welcome, anything to make another mamas life a little easier :-) My trip was with 2 small kids, no DF, my parents and brother. 4 Days in a van out of a 6 day trip, I learned plenty of what to do and what NOT to do for next time around, and I am sure you will have plenty of learning moments yourself :-). One thing I did remember too was my little lady was BF at the time so lucky no bottles but as far as baby food went I picked up enough Plum Organic pouches (Meijer baby food aisle) to get me through the week, and they have this neat spoon attachment you can buy (also in the baby food aisle) to just screw on the pouches so easy feeding in a car seat on the go. Just toss the pouch and wash the spoon end and all done. Good luck again and Safe travels!! Can't wait to read Vol. 3 ;-)


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