Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gimme S'More

Lately we've been having butt loads of fun.
How do I know? Because when we're home the kids are heathens and trying to entertain them becomes impossible. It takes days after a fun bash before they remember how to entertain themselves again. Sunday was a double Birthday Bash, Monday we grilled out with Grammy, Tuesday we had leftover fiesta. Needless to say it's been go, go, go.
I hurt my knee running the other day, go figure, right? And so I've been a bit bummed. To lift my spirits (and those of the kiddos) today we had an indoor s'more party. It calmed them right down for a minute. It was a big hit, until it wasn't. See below. And also, disregard the poor photo quality. I couldn't find the decent camera so snapped these with my phone. It was too cute not to share, bad quality or not!

And here's how you know you're done:
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