Thursday, May 23, 2013

Workin' It: Week 1

Just what you were hoping to see, I know. A diary of exercise ups and downs and stuggles and triumphs. This is for no one but me, but I'm glad to share if I can help someone along the way.

Since High School my weight has been a battle. After two back-to-back pregnancies and a rediculous amount of weight gain I'm taking matters back in to my own hands. I decided to bite the bullet and agreed to participate in a 5K in July. That gives me well over a month to prepare, and truth-be-told I'm allowed to walk the whole way if I want. ... but I don't! I want to smoke it!

So here it is, in all its glory. What it's been like so far.

  • Day 1: Hardly ran, mostly walked. I'd say about 80:20 ratio (walking:running). 20 minutes. 
  • Day 2: Same as day 1. hmmph.
  • Day 3: Felt like quitting... but didn't! Made it through a 2 mile walk/run cycle pushing a stroller with three kids.
  • Day 4: Ran and walked (40/60) no kids. Feels like it's getting easier.
  • Day 5: HUGE struggle to get out the door but we made it! Ran/ walk again with stroller (60/40). Obstacles: four poopy diapers and light rain in the beginning. Two mile course.
  • Day 6: Ran/ walked 70/30 !! 
  • Day 7: Ran 12 minutes straight, walked one, ran three more- short run. Feeling exhausted.
Down 7 pounds at the end of the week, probably water weight. Still above my starting weight on My Fitness Pal. Come back next week to see where I'm at!


  1. I know this struggle! Have you ever done the Couch to 5K program? It was great for me... just did a 5K last weekend!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. We all start somewhere. When I first started I was the same as you, I have only been going 7 months and can easily jog my 3.1 miles and my time is getting better now that I have included strength training. You will get there, you already did the hardest step which is trying!

  3. Go Crista go! I've heard Couch to 5K programs are great too. One of my coworkers did one with his wife - now he runs marathons! Not that marathons are the goal, but he said it made running much more approachable and made him much more likely to keep on keepin on.


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