Saturday, June 1, 2013

Introducing: Taylen [2 Years + 4 Months]

I have got the most interesting twins + tot in the world.
Well, it's either that or I'm just a mom and we all think exactly alike.
I bet it's the first thing, though.
You've got to get to know my babies better.
Take Taylen, for example, my oldest.
He's interesting and quirky in so many ways, and try-as-I-might not to compare the twinkie to one another, guess what- I do! They're so uniquely different it blows my bitty mind.
Interesting facts about Taylen:
  • Likes to be the last one in the "baf" (bath)
  • Loves a green truck named "Rowdy" that he got for Christmas, discarded, rediscovered and now won't part with.
  • Typically wakes up crying (from bed or a nap) OR asking "Mom! Where my Lightning Queen shoes?" (That's Tay-speak for Lightning McQueen - the race car from the movie Cars).
  • Loves to wear shoes; hates to wear pants. Doesn't have a strong stance on shirts, BUT his faves include: "Mater Tall Tales Shit" (again, Mater is from Cars, and of course he means "shirt"), and a Finding Nemo pajama shirt, even though he's never seen the movie.
  • LOVES to "watch a movie" but dislikes drinking "smoovies" (smoothies).
  • Adores his brown blankie (that once was our living room throw) and can't sleep without it AND his teddy bear named "Borgoo" a new form of his given name: Boris. 
  • Picks through his meals and, on the off-chance we're serving meat, avoids it all together.
  • Confuses the colors blue / yellow & black / white
  • No longer likes sleeping with "noises" (the sound-maker they've had on at night since forever).
  • Dislikes being dirty
  • Could eat (organic, not-so-bad-for-you) Pop Tarts all. day. long.
  • Won't kiss his sister on the mouth (anymore, he used to but now covers his mouth with his hand when she comes in for a smooch)
  • Instead of "yes" says "yeah... mmm hmm" while nodding his head
  • Has a super adorable "no" face, a sweet fat-lipped pouty face, and a dramatic wide-mouthed cry face.
  • He can count to twenty, sing his ABC's, and loves shows Super Why & Dragon Tales (daddy's particularly fond of that last one- it was around when he was a kid)
 photo IMG_0282_zps51d354ae.jpg

 photo IMG_0286_zps614cf3f6.jpg

 photo IMG_0024_zps7f1f5370.jpg
Oh, and apparently he loves to wear sunglasses.


  1. nice to meet you taylen. i must say you are absolutely adorable

    1. Thank you, Jillian! I will be sure to tell him you said that :)


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