Saturday, September 14, 2013


I was going to share some of the amazing foods we've created + consumed lately

Good for you Brownies
Tofu Teriyaki
Vegan Falafel
Overnight Oats

And then I was going to share grocery-shopping-with-twins-plus-one success 

Only one minor snap at the hubs - ka CHOW!
I thought about sharing our new "gifted" table and all of the Pinteresty plans for that gem,

But just as I sat down to write, one half of my multiples announced "I'm full of poop mom" 

and just like that the moment was gone.

So you get this cute picture instead, proof that occasionally we make it out of the house
Happy Weekend!

 photo blogger-image-122382241_zps517dcd57.png
Ayara  17 months


  1. I am so happy that we've found each other. You've pretty much summed up how I feel...

    ((and i only have one!!!))

    1. I'm so happy to have found each other, too! I couldn't need anything more than I need mommy fraands who are living it with me :) xo


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