Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Taylen, Dayr 
The Twins are now two years + eight months old!
That's older than they've ever been!
But in all seriousness, there is so much new about them every. single. day!
They're all about baby acorns right now, and recently tried stamping
(you know, rubber stamp + ink pad) for the first time.
Oh wait, that was just Dayr - sorry, Tay!
Anyway, they're getting good at "no thank you" instead of other less polite terms,
but are really into hitting. wth?! Could it be the attention thing I mentioned here?
Favorite foods include cold hot dogs, berries of any kind, local apples and smoothies.
Today they drank mom's kale + peach + lemon and she did a mondo happy dance!
Still not interested in potty training.
Love everything Mater + Lightning McQueen + Buzz Lightyear.

 Ayara is a great big one year + six months old!
If I didn't write her name periodically I'd forget what it is!
We call her: Roo, Roopadoo, RaRa, Raz, Sassafras, Sissy, Sissaboo
The list goes on + on!
She loves anything baby and will accept it as her own, no questions asked.
She prefers to be 'side whenever possible - she's not an indoors girl.
If there's a rock on the path, she wants to hold it.
Favorite word: No.
Favorite Foods are nanas, apples, and "else"
That's what she says when I offer her something that isn't a banana or an apple
Says thanks when prompted and says + signs please without being asked.
She loves to Blog on brother Taylen's laptop from Boppa + Gamma.
I believe in my heart she means to be blogging,
even though she insists on pushing the donkey-noise key continuously
She's spunky + fresh and the word(s) most often used to describe her
aside from the fact that she is a mini me to a "T"
I can't believe soon we'll be proud-crazy parents of two three-year-olds + one two-year-old!
What are some favorite memories of your tot at these ages?

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