Tuesday, October 8, 2013



Things change SO fast around here!
We went from go-go-go status
- foraging wild food
- canning said food
- visiting with friends + fam
to three tots with fevers
I'm with Hillary - it's always teeth
and a daddy laid up with one less tooth.
 - Sigh -
Enter Super Parenting mode: 
Checking temps, Making snacks
Cleaning house + puke + icks
Oh wait, it's just another day in Paradise.
No really, I am so lucky to be a mom to twins,
and the sweetest baby girl,
and wifey to my amazing hubs!
It seemed like everyone was on the mend and then WHAM
I'm sick. But no, no I'm not. Mom's do NOT get sick days!
- Sigh Again -
Alas, Even when life's not so good,
Life is still good!


PS- hang with us for a few more days, we've got tons of fun Fall goodies for you, coming soon!


  1. awww, poor babies. Hope they feel better soon!

  2. Such cute faces even if they are sick. Poor kids. And poor parents too! Hope ya'll feel better soon.

  3. Hate when the babies are sick! But your pics are beautiful! Hope you all feel better soon!

  4. Sick babis is no fun =[ Nor is sick mommies! Hope you all feel better fast!

  5. I think I actually get sick more often than my kids do. THANK GOODNESS. I'd much rather be sick than have them go through it, although it's equally as tough getting things done around the house.


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