Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Ahhhhhh.  <--- sigh of relief.
I took a look around Top Baby Blogs today and noticed that many of my fellow bloggers have been minimal posters lately, too. I'm certainly not striving to be like anyone else but it does make me feel more, I don't know, like everyone else. Hmmm
I'll chalk it up to bad weather, cabin fever, cold + flu season, and - for most of my comrades - raising tots.
It's been nearly impossible for me lately to sit down and write quality words, let alone take pictures that I love or share them with you. Sorry!
Oh, side note: if you want a simple meal check out my post for Easy Crockpot Chicken Fajitas Here!
To make excuses for where I've been I will tell you we've:
1. Turned the boys' cribs into toddler beds.
Sounds like a nightmare, right? Well... it is. We felt we didn't have a choice when Taylen started to climb out. Any suggestions?
2. Been outside every chance we get. It's been in the low 40's here and in Michigan anything above 30 is windows down, hands-in-the-air warm weather.
3. Battled every sort of coughing, sneezing + snotty bug there is. We're now pros when it comes to sleeping sitting up, Little Remedies baby care, and how to wipe boogers when you have no Kleenex. yuck!

On a personal note I've:
1. Started a new book! Always very exciting to have enough personal time to read. It's called Hidden Behind Her Heart (more on that later!)
2. Been feeling very pinteresty and thus have created a new weekly menu for our family. Bravo (Also, more on that later!)
3. Whipped up a batch of Jillian Michaels' detox tea for the week and have been glugging away. (Again, more on that later! Last one, swear!)
We're still looking forward to our trip to Mc'Nash'ty! Less than two weeks and we'll be on the rough road riding. No pun intended - the roads around here are awful AND we're traveling 11+ hours with three tots. It'll no doubt be rough BUT we are certainly hoping for the best. Any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated and thanked with money + hugs upon proven success.

Oh, and since I know you're just here for the cuteness, here's a healthy dose:
 photo SANY8441_zps220b1ed3.jpg
 photo SANY8371_zpsec9ba184.jpg
 photo SANY8437_zpsa83855ef.jpg

Crocodile shoes // Icicle Hands // Twins in puddle. Obviously.

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