Friday, November 15, 2013


Time sure goes by quick around here. It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Ayara's first Birthday, and now she's well on her way to number two! Don't even get me started on the twinkies - I can't believe they'll be three in just a few short months! More like I can't believe I've survived three years raising twins, but like EVERY parent of twins older than ours always says to us: "It does get easier" + "you will get through this!" I'm always glad to run into someone with 30, 40, or 50-year-old twins, those are the most encouraging encounters.
I think last week I was reveling in the Fall around me, but it's clear that winter has hit Northern Michigan now. Snow warning were 6-12" only days ago but we woke up to the tiniest of dustings.
My view on local weather + news reporting in general is enough for another day, however. I'm not sure yet if we have snow babies or not. The first time they saw snow this year Taylen said "it's so bewful", but the first time we attempted to play in it this year he said "I wacha moobie, mama."
Taylen is my super sensitive boy. He wakes up from naps crying and needing lots of extra comfort. He still loves his giant brown blanket and his teddy bear, Borgoo. If he had his way he'd watch "moobies" all. day. long. Favorites include: Cars, Toy Story, Ice Age (as of today), and My Little Pony. He surprises me with his occasional willingness to try new things, like today when he wolfed down a handful of cooked green beans, then asked for more. I'm sure he'd prefer to eat M & M's all day his reward for going pee on the potty but mom only uses those for bribes. Speaking of potty he's totally doing it! He can go a whole day with no accidents, I've seen it done a few times, but today was a no diaper nap after a marker coloring session and let's just say the sheets are now a nice bleeding rainbow of crayola color. Initially we were going diaper-free for night time, too, until I did a little research and realized I might have been asking too much too soon. Taylen has a HUGE heart and today after I curled my hair with my Goodwill steal curling iron he told me "mom, you look bewful!" Puddle.
Dayr is always surprising me. People ask me all the time "who is the _____ one?" Fill in the blank with almost any word: outgoing, loud, hyper, hungriest. I always answer the same: "it depends on the day," because it really does. Some days Dayr is a loud vrooming race car and others he only says "hol you". He shocked me last night when he gobbled up the tester piece of broccoli I set on his plate, and then ate mine, and then asked for more! Current obsessions include Buzz Lightyear To The Rescue To Infinity And Beyond that is Buzz's full name, in case you're wondering, HotWheels Cars, Spider Man movies, mom's homemade cookies and going peepee and poop on the pot! Hallelujah! He's a lover, too. He loves to chat and is getting really good at saying "I sawwy" - little stinker. Hearing him speak in complete sentences tickles me pink! "Can I hab anudda puntin tookee?"

Ayara is just about the world's easiest baby. She really has been since day one. I always say that's because she knows how hard the twinkies were for us at first. She just gets it. She can communicate anything she desires now, and her favorite word is still no. Stinker x2 As I'm typing this she came up to tell me she needed the potty. What she really meant was that she pooped IN the bathtub. Oh joy. She's 99.99% done with her high chair, and loves nothing more than to take a bath "self" or by herself. If I offer her a snack she doesn't like I'll hear "else" meaning something else. She daily wakes up asking for a snack girl can EAT and to go to the park. She's our dirt princess. She gets pushed around all. the. time by her bros, even though she outweighs them by more than a pound! There's a 14 month age difference for those not caught up. Current obsessions include any and everything that her brothers enjoy: driving Lightning McQueen around the yard, dump trucks, popsicles, building a fort, reading books, and racing down the hallway. Oh and painting her toenails. See, she's not all boy.
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