Wednesday, February 5, 2014


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I am currently WATCHING the numbers on my bathroom scale go down, down, down. That's right, I am about to be a success story! See how far I got last year here. This enthusiasm may or may not be about half-a-year premature. Remember what I said in this post about my body? Well, that's still true but I am taking better care of me. Workouts have been regular for two weeks(!) and healthy eating is back on track, thanks in part to (no endorsements here, I just seriously love that site + app).
Disclaimer: it's really really hard for me to fit in exercise with three tots running around. We did a dance party which was fun, failed at cardio dance, I salsa'd with a snow shovel in 20 below temps., and I yoga'd while kids crawled through my legs and splashed in the toilet. I literally take whatever I can get.
Ayara (now 22-months-old!) is currently saying the cutest phrases. Like I mentioned before, she loves to sing You are my Sunshine with inappropriate words, but she also loves to tell me "chin up, mom" + "go potty" - wait, what?! She's ahead of her bros by a good year in the potty training dept. but it's all thanks to their good model. It all comes out in the wash.  
I am currently admiring what the twins are wearing.  Taylen, the more sensitive of the two boys, likes to wear underwear. That's it. It is because he loves to be able to see the pic on his bum in the toddler-height mirror Bob installed long ago. Dayr, our free(er) spirit, gets dressed from head-to-toe no problem. His stipulation? It must be "all by myself!". We can line up his clothes so they don't go on backwards, but after that it's hands OFF. Ayara has been wearing stellar outfits, courtesy of her dad's keen fashionista eye + some amazing small biz + Etsy stores (features soon to come, stay tuned!). 


Bob and I are losing our old money habits (read: spend it if ya got it) and replacing them with Dave Ramsey's biblical-based principles for getting out of debt for good! We've been taking a class on Monday nights at our church for four weeks now, and every time we leave I am so jazzed for the new week. This week we will write our first zero-based budget and finally tell ALL of our money where to go instead of wondering where it went. Can you tell I'm super psyched?
This week I am making the twins THIRD BIRTHDAY CAKES! Wahoo! I can't believe they're going to be three. I'm so excited to celebrate with them, and they're geeked, too! They have separate birthdays (read about their unique birth stories here) but they are united in the desire to have a "red birthday". Naturally then strawberry cake is on the menu. Naturally. We're still up-in-the-air about some sort of gifty celebration for them: a trip to the children's museum, a water park, a gift they can use for years to come? If you'll recall, from this Christmas post, we're sort of anti-lots-of-unnecessary-stuff. Stay tuned for that reveal ::wink:: Flashback to the twins second birthday here. Scope the twinkies cutesie 1/2 Birthday cake + celebration here.

Also, check out some of my Pinspiration for their cakes: (!)
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  1. I'm on a weight journey myself. I'm currently doing a juice fast for 3 days, and I'm surprising doing good with it. I can relate to trying to squeeze in a workout. Keep it up! My husband is all about not being in debt , we pull cash out every payday for our food, household needs, gas, and play money. It works for us.

    1. Stuck, keep up the weight loss awesomeness. I've wanted to try juice fasting but am juicer-less (womp, womp) - I do what I can with smoothies, though. In fact I posted some good recipes recently! We are considering trying the "pull cash out" method with money, too - one baby "Dave Ramsey" step at a time! xo

  2. Your kids sound so cute! I'm jealous of your children't eagerness/willingness to use the potty.

    1. Colleen, they are surely cute - thanks for noticing ;) I think the potty eagerness comes from sibling praise, not mama praise, and marshmellows (unfortunately) - keep trying!


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