Saturday, April 19, 2014


[How Far Along]
9 weeks, only four more until second trimester aka my favorite, breezy time!

[Baby is the size of]
A fun-size candy bar you don't have any of those in your pocket, do you?
[Weight Gain]
Holding steady at my pre-preg weight for now.
No baby movements yet.

Just like last week, nausea is in full swing. Funny story for you: I made the kids lunch, not myself very hungry, and sat down with them to pray. I curled myself up on the wooden table bench and held their little hands in my own. No sooner did Taylen finish the most beautiful bring-you-to-tears lunchtime prayer "thank you for my beautiful family..." did I feel an overwhelming need to vomit. Fortunately the first of this pregnancy. I bolted to the kitchen sink, wretched, and grabbed a slop bucket from the cupboard. I heard Dayr ask his sibs "What is mommy doing?" Taylen announced "I have to poop!" and raced off to the bathroom. I felt a little prairie doggish myself soooo I sat across the tiny, tiny bathroom from my son, nearly knee-to-knee while he pooped and I did the same, while puking into a bucket on my lap. Tears running down my face from the pressure I couldn't help but laugh a little when I wretched again in the bucket and Taylen, without thinking, imitated my noises back to me. I wiped his butt in between hurls and after it was all over I felt starved.  It was my hilarious moment for the week, and just another reason I love that boy. All of them, actually. They just make everything better.
[Maternity Clothing]
Yes, please. I love the roundness of a growing baby belly. For me it's comforting and beautiful. This week I'm playing with some new pieces from Belly Dance Maternity. Like the above-pictured NOM brand striped tank. It's made of pillowy-soft cotton that, even on my most irritable days, doesn't irritate my skin (or my mood!). If you've ever been preggo you know that's a win/win.  It's long enough that it'll last all nine months, cute enough that it'll last far beyond pregnancy days, and comfortable enough to wear while nursing I am sure. I typically wear a size XL and that's what this is. Often times those are snug on me, but not this piece. It feels a lot like wearing nothing, which feels pretty darn good to me. I guess what I'm trying to say is this is my new go-to piece. This morning it's cool enough to pair with jeans and a sweater, but I am looking forward to sporting this sleeveless with shorts in the (hopefully) near future, too!


Carbs. I can't. stop. thinking about the next town over's ooey, gooey Parmesan bread sticks. Roman Wheel, looks it up, they're the best in the world. I just know it.  
[Best Moment this week]
See sleep/symptoms above ^

[Looking forward to]
Knocking some more off my Spring Bucket List!
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